Why the US’s religious groups are embracing Trump

TechRadAR, the world’s leading news source on technology, entertainment and the web, is proud to present the third annual Religion and TechTrends feature, a look at the trends and developments in the world of religion.

The feature examines the state of religion in the US, its trends and events, and what the future holds for it.

The top 10 religion and tech trends are as follows:1.

The rise of technologyThe number of Americans who say they attend religious services more than doubled from 15 million in 2011 to more than 30 million in 2017, according to Pew Research.

That is an increase of almost 6 million people.

But religion and technology is no longer separate.

Pew found that in 2017 Americans were more likely to report attending services in an “Internet-connected” setting (51%) than they were in a traditional setting (40%).2.

The secularization of religionThe Pew Research Center has been tracking Americans’ attitudes towards religion since 2002, and the trend is clear.

Today, nearly half of Americans (46%) say religion is a religion that is “mainly” or “very” about things like worshiping the gods or attending services.

Only about a quarter of the public say it is about more personal matters like personal relationships.3.

The rising number of American atheistsThe number is increasing.

In 2017, nearly three-quarters of the American public (74%) said religion is not a religion at all.

That’s up from 72% in 2007.

But atheism is still a small minority of the population.

The number of people who describe themselves as atheist declined from 10.5% in 2009 to 7.5%.4.

The resurgence of religion among millennials The number and share of people between the ages of 18 and 34 who say religion and/or spirituality are important to them have doubled since 2011.

Millennials are increasingly religious and secular, but they still tend to see religion as less important to their lives.

A growing number of millennials (27%) say they consider religion more important than other personal and professional matters.5.

The revival of spirituality among people of color The number who say that religion and spirituality are “very important” to them has more than quadrupled since 2011, from 8% to 15%.

A similar increase in the number of white people reporting that religion is “very or extremely important” is evident in the share of those who say it’s “very,” “fairly important,” “somewhat important,” or “not at all important” in this year’s Pew Research survey.6.

The evolution of American religion and cultureThe rise of modern culture has made it possible for many people to become more accepting of their own religion and less likely to reject it.

According to Pew, more than half of American adults (54%) say that people who are religiously unaffiliated should be able to express their faith without feeling judged or ridiculed.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that religious groups have changed their ways.

Some religious groups, including many denominations, have moved in the direction of secularism and have remained largely unchanged.

And the number and diversity of religious groups in the United States has grown substantially in recent decades.

Some of these groups are expanding or becoming more diverse.7.

The increasing acceptance of diversity in religion and the growing acceptance of LGBT peopleIn 2017, more people in the U.S. identified as gay or lesbian, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), than said they were religious.

This is up from a low point in the early 1990s when fewer than 3% of Americans said they identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.8.

The decline of religion and social issuesIn 2017 the number one trend for American religion is the decline of church-going.

Pew reports that the number has dropped by nearly 8 percentage points since 2007.

While church attendance has been steadily declining since the early 1970s, it is still at an all-time high in 2017.9.

The growth of the secular cultureThe secularization trend among young Americans is apparent.

The percentage of adults under age 35 who say their religion is mostly or very about social issues such as social issues like homosexuality has grown from 15% in 2008 to 25% in 2017:The decline in religious engagement among young adults has been mirrored by the growth of secular culture.

The share of Americans ages 18 to 34 who describe religion and society as very or extremely secular has grown by 12 percentage points over the past decade.10.

The declining number of CatholicsThe number has decreased in the past three decades, with the number declining from more than 8 million in 1999 to less than 2 million in 2016.

However, Catholicism remains a strong religious tradition, with an estimated 13.2 million members in 2017 and a growing share of millennials.11.

The shift toward religious activism and advocacyReligious activism is also becoming increasingly visible.

The Pew Research study found that more than four-fifths of American Catholics are now members of

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