Which country is most Christian?

The United States has the most Christian countries, but is there any country where the bible is more important than the constitution?

As a result, this question has become a contentious one among some scholars.

But there’s no denying that Christianity is the cornerstone of the US constitution, and that a constitution that reflects Christian values would be an unmitigated disaster. 

What’s the constitution’s religion? 

There are four major religions that have been adopted by the US: Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

They are considered “secular” by US law, and therefore do not require special exemptions for religious practices. 

Does the US have a constitutional Christian? 


The US Constitution is written in the English language, and the Founding Fathers believed that “the Bible should be the standard for law, for the constitution, for all legislation.”

In addition, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the Bible should have special status in US law.

But that’s just one example of the Constitution’s secular nature.

The constitution defines “the United States” as “a confederation of states,” and the US Congress has adopted the United States Constitution as the country’s official constitution. 

Do we have a constitution based on Christianity? 

The US constitution’s religious neutrality has been a point of contention between Christians and non-Christians for centuries.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that a Christian-majority state cannot make laws prohibiting same-sex marriage. 

Are there any Christian-based constitutions? 

Although there are several Christian-centric constitutions in the US, there are not many.

In fact, the last constitution in the country was signed by President George W. Bush in 2001, when he declared the US “Christian-free.” 

What do Christian scholars say about the constitution and Christianity?

While there are some Christians who argue that the US Constitution reflects Christianity, others argue that Christianity has been more important to the US’s founding than it is to the constitution.

They argue that America’s founding was based on Christian values and that the bible should have been the standard by which all laws should be made. 

Why is Christianity such a strong force in US politics? 

Christianity is a powerful force in American politics because of the way the US has historically been governed.

Christians and evangelicals have dominated US politics for generations, and their influence is reflected in US public policy.

In a 2012 study, scholars found that Republicans and Democrats are more likely to vote for the candidates of their churches than their non-Christian counterparts.

What are the biggest issues in US elections?

There are many issues in the 2016 US presidential election that are dominated by Christian issues.

Some of the issues that dominate this year’s election include: the economy, healthcare, taxes, immigration, foreign policy and gun control.

Do we need a constitution or a constitution with a Christian majority? 

As Christians, we know that our government should reflect the Bible.

In addition to electing the president, our representatives in Congress should reflect Christian values.

There are a number of ways the US can achieve this.

First, we could elect candidates who would support the bible as the standard law of the land. 

For example, candidates could include a “Christian” clause in their party platform, and candidates could endorse the Christian bible as an official document in their campaigns.

This could also be done by endorsing a constitutional amendment requiring the US government to adhere to the bible’s law. 

In addition, candidates who are Christians could also support a constitutional change that would allow non-believers to vote in elections, which could help bring about more equality in the electoral process. 

Other candidates could also take the position that the constitution should be “based on Christian principles” and that they would not support candidates who have different religious beliefs than they do.

Finally, politicians could support candidates by making it easier for non-religious people to vote, which would make it easier to elect Christian candidates in the future.

Is it time for a Christian constitution? 

Currently, Christians are not required to sign a Christian pledge to support all federal, state, and local laws, including anti-discrimination laws.

This means that the majority of US voters do not have to choose between upholding the constitution or honoring the Bible’s message of equality. 

If Christian candidates run for office, it is unlikely that they will support policies that contradict the Bible or Christianity.

However, there is a way for a candidate to signal to voters that they are on the side of equality for Christians and that he or she does not believe that all laws must reflect the bible. 

Can I vote as a Christian?

If you’re interested in voting as a member of the church, you have to declare your affiliation to the church.

But it is not as simple as declaring your affiliation.

To vote as Christian, you must do two things: First, sign a pledge, which you can read here. 

Second, pay your local church a $30 fee, which is called a tax. The church

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