When Sweden turns into a country of Muslims

By MATT SHERMANAFP/AFP/Getty ImagesSweden has become the most religious nation in the world, according to a Pew Research Center study released Monday, with just under one in four Swedes reporting their faith in 2017.

Sweden also became the first European country to reach one million Muslims in 2017, with around 3.5 million people.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government are working to build a country where everyone feels comfortable.

Löfve’s government, which has been under pressure from left-wing populist Sweden Democrats, has proposed a number of measures, including a law that will allow women to drive, increase immigration, and create a government body that can oversee the religious practices of Sweden’s Muslims.

Swedes have also become increasingly vocal in their criticism of the government’s policies, and have even staged mass protests to show their dissatisfaction with the policies.

The government has not responded to any of the protests, but many Swedes have expressed hope that the new government will come to the rescue.

The government has also tried to curb Islamism, which is growing in Sweden and around the world.

In recent months, the government has been working to crack down on radical Islamism by restricting travel and restricting the media, according the government.

The Swedish media has been banned and the government also recently passed a law making it illegal to teach or promote Islam.

In December, the prime minister said that Islamophobia is “a fundamental and fundamental issue in our society,” adding that Islam has “no place in our culture.”

Löffland’s government has said that it is committed to fighting racism and discrimination against the country’s Muslims, but has also been criticized by left-leaning groups for limiting religious freedom and restricting freedom of expression.

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