When Indonesia becomes a religion

Indonesian religious institutions have decided to become more secular in order to maintain a relationship with their Muslim community.

According to the Indonesian newspaper, the Jakarta Post, the Indonesian Islamic Religious Commission (JIISC) has decided to create a new religious body, and it is set to announce the move on Thursday.

The JIISB will hold a general meeting to approve the move, with the new body set to begin work on the plan in two months.

The new body will also be able to implement a new law, which will ensure that the Islamic religious institutions will maintain the social and legal status of a non-Muslim institution, the newspaper reported.

The change will take effect from August 1, the paper said.

The move comes as the Indonesian Muslim community faces its worst crisis since the country was officially declared a secular state in the late 1960s.

According for the past several decades, the Muslim community has struggled to reconcile their religious and social practices with the strict Islamic doctrine that forbids non-Muslims from serving as religious leaders.

The Jakarta Post reported that JIISTC will not only set up a new entity to enforce the religious and political separation, but also would also create a special religious council for the Islamic community.

The council would be tasked with ensuring the rights of the Islamic faith, the publication added.

According the paper, the Islamic Religious Council will also establish a legal body to oversee the affairs of the newly created religious body.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has long criticized the country’s Muslim community for their social practices, which include the practice of female circumcision, which he says is contrary to Islamic teachings.

He has called for a new Islamic law to ban female circumcision in Indonesia.

Last month, the country passed a bill banning female circumcision and other non-Islamic practices in public schools.

Indonesia’s Islamic community has been struggling with high rates of suicide bombings, a practice that has caused outrage among the countrys Muslim population.

The country’s Supreme Court is currently hearing a case brought by Muslim women who are fighting to be able see their male relatives legally in public.

Indonesia is the only Muslim country in the world to have banned female circumcision.

The Muslim community in Indonesia has also seen a rise in anti-Muslim violence.

Last year, at least 11 people were killed in a string of attacks by Muslim extremists in Jakarta.

In March, the JIIDC banned the practice in public buildings, a measure that has led to protests by Indonesian Muslim women.

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