When America’s Religious Right’s Anti-Muslim War Becomes a Civil War

What began as a fight against a perceived threat of Muslim immigration has turned into a religious war against an ideology that is driving the country’s political right and its anti-immigrant fervor.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November, the far-right movement of Richard Spencer, a leading white nationalist and self-described alt-right activist, announced his endorsement of Donald Trump.

In a letter to his followers, Spencer said Trump would be a “great President for the United States of America.”

“In his campaign for President, Mr. Trump pledged to be a great champion for religious freedom and protect the First Amendment,” Spencer wrote.

“And I believe that in the Oval Office, he will protect the values of the Constitution, protect the freedoms of speech and religion, and safeguard the values and rights of all Americans.”

A month later, in February, Spencer and a handful of his followers marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, a city that has been plagued by racially charged tensions since the death of a counterprotester, Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old counterprotestor, in August.

The rally was a culmination of years of white nationalist activism, but it was also the first time a large crowd of anti-fascist counterprotesters came together.

The Trump campaign denounced the group as “radical” and said the alt-righters “must be defeated” by a “united America.”

In the months following, Spencer was named to the executive board of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing think tank that supports hard-line nationalist and anti-Muslim views.

The group’s president, William Kristol, was arrested in October and charged with conspiring to incite violence.

He had also long espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and had been a leading critic of Trump and other Republican candidates, including Marco Rubio.

Kristol was charged with conspiracy and conspiracy to commit crimes.

But he was acquitted.

“It’s a strange day,” said Kevin MacDonald, a political scientist at Georgetown University who has tracked white nationalism in the U.S. “This is a guy who went from being the president of the American Conservative Union to a leading national figure in the American right.”

Trump’s embrace of Spencer drew the ire of many of the movement’s leaders, who accused the president and his administration of trying to “normalize” Spencer’s message.

In November, Spencer tweeted that Trump “is a dangerous demagogue.”

“The alt-left hates the fact that I’m the President,” Spencer tweeted.

“They don’t like it when I talk about Islam or immigration.”

Trump and his supporters have since sought to counter the far right’s rhetoric with more moderate rhetoric and actions, such as hiring a prominent conservative strategist who called for the “pivot to Asia.”

Trump has also said that he is a big fan of Spencer, saying that Spencer is “one of my great allies and someone who I believe in.”

Spencer, however, dismissed those comments as a way for Trump to “punch back” at him.

“The way he portrays himself is very, very dangerous, and the way he represents himself is not a threat to America,” Spencer said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

Spencer has long held a position on the far fringe of the conservative movement, often advocating for a far-Right agenda that calls for more control of the media and stricter immigration policies.

In his own writings, Spencer has repeatedly called for a return to a time before America was a nation of immigrants, arguing that the country should “be ashamed of its history of racial subjugation and oppression.”

Spencer’s views have led him to appear at alt-Right conferences, such the annual National Policy Conference, which draws thousands of people.

He has even appeared on the fringe fringe of Breitbart News, a pro-Trump website that regularly publishes conspiracy theories, fringe conspiracy theories about Muslims and conspiracy theories that say the government is planning to attack Muslims and Jewish people.

Spencer said he does not see any political or social problems with the alt right, but he said they should be aware of what it means to be in the movement.

“I would say that the alt left is very dangerous,” he said.

“You know, the alt righters, they are not going to be able to be part of the next American administration.

You cannot be part.

And they have to understand that.”

He said that the “alt right” is “not going to win this war,” but that the movement is “going to win the war” against Islam, immigration and “the culture wars.”

But Spencer, who also serves on the board of directors for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group, said he believes that “a lot of the white nationalist groups are going to die off” if the alt Right is not defeated.

“These are people who are not politically correct, are not conservative, are very, extremely religious, and they are just not going anywhere,” Spencer told The Washington

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