TSA: Nake Body Scanners?

Posted by: Matt    Tags:  ,     Posted date:  November 13, 2010  |  No comment

Recently the TSA has decided the American people and terrorism are such a great threat we all need to go through an X-ray machine that is so powerful it can actually see through your clothes.  That’s right, the airport security can now see you naked if you choose to go through the naked body scanner.  Not only to the employees of the airport get to see your naked body, but so does everyone behind you in line.

Of course if you decide not to go through the scanner you’ll be treated as a terrorist and a direct threat to the United States.  We heard numerous counts across the nation and around the world of the painful and obtrusive searchers have taken place to those who opted out of the naked body scanner. “Refusal!” is shouted out and a fleet of other, unofficial security guards come to assist in the molestive search that takes place after anyone decides not to completely disregard their constitutional rights against being forced into harms way.