TechRadars new “Pagan Religion” video: The truth behind “Jewish Religion”

The newest episode of TechRadAR features a discussion on the topic of Paganism, as well as the history of Judaism, with the creator of the popular YouTube series The Witch Hunter explaining why he has “always wanted to find out the truth about the religion that we call Judaism”.

The series is produced by the Discovery Channel and features interviews with prominent members of the Pagan community, including Pagan author, magician, musician and spiritual healer, and author of Pagan Religion: The Mythology of Judaism.

The series was created by Christian and Jewish-American blogger James P. Baxley, who claims to have been a Pagan for 20 years before moving to New York in 2007.

Baxley describes himself as a “true believer”, and describes himself and his wife as the “pagan family”.

“We are a small family, but we’re both practicing Christians,” Baxly said.

“We’ve been doing this for 20-plus years and we’re still doing it.

We love this world and we love the people around us.”

Baxly believes the Pagan religion is a “prelude” for Christianity.

“I believe that there’s a long history of paganism in Christianity.

I think we’re a pagan family that came together around the first five books of the Bible,” he said.”

The Pagan religion and Christianity were the very beginnings of this whole religion and it was the first step in the evolution of Christianity.”

The Witch Hunter’s documentary series has garnered more than 8 million views since its inception in 2008, and Baxleys popularity has grown.

Bexar County District Attorney Greg Abbott has previously said he believes Baxys “totally fabricated” claims of being a Pagan and has taken the series to task on social media.

“Mr Baxes claims he is a member of the pagan religion and he is an avid hunter.

He has done a lot of hunting with his family and he claims he hunts and hunts and goes out in his hunting rig and he says he is in the spirit of the hunting,” Abbott said in 2016.”

He is the only hunter in Texas that goes out hunting with the family every week.”

And he has no hunting permit, no license, no hunting permits, no permits, and he’s not allowed to be in a hunting vehicle.

“In an email to TechRadare, Abbott said he believed Baxles “tried to make it seem like the family was a Pagan family”, and called his claims “absolutely false”.”

His story is absolutely false,” Abbott wrote.”

His family has been practicing Paganism for years and he has never hunted.

He is a hunter who has a hunting license and has a hunter’s license and a hunting permit.

“Bexard County District Judge Jeryl L. Guevara, in a statement, said the sheriff’s office “did not attempt to verify or verify the information that Mr Baxle shared” with the public.”

We can assure you that our law enforcement agencies are working to make sure that Mr. Bexard and his family are protected from criminal charges, and that is our primary goal,” Guevaara said.

Brexley said the Sheriff’s Office did not respond to the allegations made by Baxlerys family.”

In my personal opinion, if he would just leave, he wouldn’t be so upset,” Bexley said.

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