New York Times: ‘We’re Getting Tougher About Islamophobia’

The New York, New York newspaper has been publishing an article in its Sunday edition called “We’re getting tougher about Islamophobia.”

The article features a Muslim woman who identifies herself as a Muslim-American woman who is concerned about her faith being targeted by anti-Muslim sentiment.

“I feel very personally threatened by it,” the article states.

“The fact that this has been going on for years and I feel like I’ve been getting the brunt of it is a little unnerving.”

“I know some of my Muslim friends feel like the same,” she continues.

“They feel like they’re being targeted.

It makes me feel like it’s going to get worse.”

The woman is referring to the attacks on the Muslim community in the US in the wake of the deadly shooting of 12 people at a Muslim community center in San Bernardino, California.

In recent weeks, there have been attacks on Muslims in New York City, San Bernardino and Minneapolis, among other places.

The attacks have been widely condemned by politicians and Muslims, and the attacks have prompted renewed calls for tighter anti-Islam laws.

The New Yorker article was shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook, and it garnered over 50,000 shares.

“We should be taking the threats seriously and taking them seriously now,” the woman tells the paper.

“It’s been too long.”

In the piece, the woman says that she feels a sense of “hurt and hurt,” and she wonders if the “war on terror” is the reason for the attacks.

“There’s a feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness that we have,” she says.

“People feel like their communities are not safe and they feel like things are going to go up in flames.

The New Jersey native, who is originally from Kenya, says she has been “worried” about the possibility of being targeted and attacked again. “

And there are also people who feel like this is just going to continue to happen.”

The New Jersey native, who is originally from Kenya, says she has been “worried” about the possibility of being targeted and attacked again.

She has been called a terrorist by some.

She says that some people feel that Muslims should be banned from attending public schools, or that Muslims in general should be subject to “hate speech.”

In her article, the New Yorker describes the reaction of people who are upset about the recent attacks.

One commenter says that the New York police department has been doing nothing about the violence in the city.

Another comments that “a woman who was a Muslim, who was targeted by a hate crime, was the only person who was in danger.

“That’s the fear, really, that we’ve been hearing about,” the commenter continues. “

So you have this sense of entitlement that we shouldn’t be thinking about the impact that’s had on people’s lives,” she told the paper, adding that people are afraid to say something that might offend Muslims.

“That’s the fear, really, that we’ve been hearing about,” the commenter continues.

She adds that she felt like “I was a victim of a hate-crime.”

A Muslim woman also shared the article on Facebook.

She said that she and her friends were told to “shut up and shut up” and that they were being labeled as terrorists.

“If we don’t shut up and stop talking about what’s going on, it’s just going be worse,” she said.

“You have to take it seriously and stand up and fight back.”

“The idea that there’s a problem of Islamophobia, and we’re getting a little more tough about it, is not true,” the New Jersey woman said.

She added that “I have to be careful about being a Muslim because I feel that there are certain things I can’t say about Islam, and I’m afraid of going back to that and seeing the reaction that I’ve had.”

“It seems like it would be like saying ‘No, I’m not a terrorist.

I’m a Christian.

I’ve always been a Christian.’

That’s a much more extreme and scary idea.”

The author of the article, a journalist for the New Republic, was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when she started writing the article.

She later moved to New York to pursue journalism.

In the article she describes how she and some of her friends experienced “fear, terror, and a sense that we were going to be targeted.”

She says her mother and her father “were really concerned” about her and she told them she wanted to leave the US to protect her family.

She describes how the response to her writing has been different.

“When I wrote the article there were people that were supportive,” she writes.

“But when I wrote it about my own experiences, the reaction was not positive.”

The story is shared with readers of the New Yorkers paper.

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