Musk has faith in God

Elon Musk is a devout believer in the existence of God and he’s been following his company’s efforts to explore a solar-powered Mars mission, according to a new interview with ABC News.

Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors, is one of the world’s most outspoken skeptics of religion.

He’s known for saying in the past that God is “unfair” to humans and that he’s not a believer, and he has repeatedly criticized religion and religion-related products in the news.

But he also has strong faith in science and his belief in the “reality of the universe” and his “strong belief in God.”

In the interview, which was published Monday, Musk says that he has a “strong” belief in science because of the work of his father, Albert Einstein.

The two worked on the theory of relativity, which holds that everything in the universe has an “anti-gravitational force” that can be applied to objects, like stars.

Musker says he has been following the research of the late physicist, Albert Hofmann, and his efforts to show that there is “a fundamental truth in the world” about the universe.

He says that Hofmann is responsible for the creation of the concept of the “Hofmann constant,” which he calls “the fundamental law of nature.”

He says that this is the “law of gravitation.”

“There’s a law of gravity, and there’s an anti-gravity law,” Musk says in the interview.

“And that anti-gravity law says, ‘The force of gravity on an object is equal to the force of the object on the object multiplied by the mass of the force.’

That’s the law of gravitons.””

So that’s the anti-force of gravity,” Musk adds.

“The laws of physics are the laws of nature, and that’s why it’s very difficult to change the laws.”

But in recent years, Musk has been increasingly outspoken about his faith, writing an open letter to President Donald Trump that he signed on July 2, 2017, in which he urged the president to “do more to help people who are in a lot of pain.”

In an interview with Fox Business in December, Musk said that he believes God created humans and all life on Earth as part of a divine plan.

Musk, who has not publicly addressed his faith since the letter was published, told Fox Business that he “was really inspired by [his father] Albert Hofman and his work.”

In a series of tweets on Dec. 13, 2017 in response to a question about his belief that God exists, Musk wrote, “I’m a huge believer in God, in science, in physics, in quantum mechanics, in the concept that the universe is not just something that’s just a collection of energy, it’s really a whole thing, it is an emergent property of the quantum field.

And I’ve found that this really has helped me make my career.”

In his letter to Trump, Musk asked for the president’s help in developing a plan to explore the possibility of a human mission to Mars.

Musk said the idea of such a mission “is extremely compelling” and that it would be “great for humanity and great for the planet.”

Musk’s letter to the president said he was “so excited” about Musk’s vision of exploring Mars and he believed that his “further exploration of space is not only possible but necessary for humanity.”

Musker said he “finally” made it clear to Trump that his interest in pursuing such a venture was sincere and that his personal faith “does not influence my decisions.”

He wrote, in part, that “I think that if I had the time and the opportunity to go back and study the universe, and to try to figure out what made the universe happen, I would probably go back to my father and say, ‘That’s how it was.'”

Musk says he “wanted to go to Mars as soon as I could,” and that the idea came from his “very natural instinct to try.”

He said that after the space program was announced in 2005, he received “a lot of encouragement” from his father.

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