Israel’s ‘true religion’ is a Christian one

Israel is home to a vibrant and diverse Christian community, including a large and diverse Jewish community.

But as the country becomes increasingly divided, the country’s Christian population is becoming increasingly isolated.

The number of Christians in Israel is declining.

The Christian minority is not being supported by the state.

And as Christians have historically been discriminated against in Israel, there is growing concern that the country could become a Christian-only state.

With the Israeli elections just months away, this article examines the “true religion” of the country.

Israel is a diverse and inclusive society and the Christian community is thriving in Israel.

In fact, according to the most recent data available from the Israel Democracy Institute, the Christian population of Israel increased by 4.3 percent in 2015, while the number of Jews in the country declined by 1.2 percent.

In addition, the number and percent of Muslims in Israel has also increased.

So how does Israel’s Christian community feel about being excluded from the country?

In a recent study, Israeli Christian activist Elor Azaria told Al Jazeera that there is a sense of isolation within Israel.

“I’m sure it’s a good thing that Christianity is becoming more mainstream.

It would be bad if we were to lose our Christian identity,” Azaria said.

“We have to find new ways to express ourselves in a way that will be more inclusive and better to represent our Christian community in a pluralistic society.”

Despite the growing pressure on Christians in the Israeli society, many Christian leaders have remained quiet about their concerns.

Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Eli Yonatan, told Al-Monitor that Israel has a “biblical” “true faith” and “true Christianity” that is not defined by religion.

He added that he believes Israel is unique in the world, with its “true Christian identity.”

However, Rabbi Yonatan told Al, that the situation in Israel today is not a Christian problem, but rather an Israeli problem.

“It is a Jewish problem and a Christian, Palestinian, and Arab problem,” Rabbi Yonanon said.

The Israeli Chief Rabbi also added that Israel does not need to “wipe out” the Christian communities, as other countries have done.

“If we want to preserve Christianity, we have to keep Israel,” he said.

But he noted that this does not mean the Christian religion should be eradicated from Israel.

Rabbi Yonathan also said that “every time a Christian is harmed, there are Christians that will help them.”

A Christian activist said that it is difficult for Israeli Christians to find jobs in Israel due to the increasing unemployment rate among Christians.

“The problem is that Israel is the only country where Christians are not welcome,” she said.

However, in a 2015 interview with Al Jazeera, Rabbi Yoav Ganot, a leader in the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel and former Israeli Minister of the Interior, said that the Christian minority in Israel “does not have a right to exist” and that it has no rights in Israel or elsewhere.

“Israel is the country of the Jewish people, and there are Christian people in Israel,” Ganot said.

Israel has always been a Christian country and today, the Orthodox Jews in Israel are the majority, he added.

Ganot’s statement came in response to a question posed by Al Jazeera’s Tanya Ghobri, who asked, “Do you think that the existence of the Christian majority in Israel will be threatened in the near future?”

Ganot replied that Israel “has a right and responsibility” to preserve the “Christian community in its midst.”

Israel has traditionally been a secular country, but now, a majority of Israelis consider themselves “secular,” he added, adding that “we must be very careful not to offend our secular neighbors.”

In Israel, the religious majority has often been the most prominent and outspoken group in the secular government.

However in recent years, the Israeli government has often criticized secular and progressive groups for their religious beliefs and practices.

According to Ganot and other leaders, Israel’s current state of secularism is not sustainable, and Israel needs to become more religious in order to avoid becoming a secular state.

“Our religious leaders must speak up, they must tell their children that they are not in the closet, they are out of the closet,” Ganots said.

For example, in recent months, the Religious Zionist Union, a coalition of Christian and Jewish groups, has called on the government to include more of Israel’s Jews in its parliament and that the government should allow the worship of the sun and moon.

The religious leaders are also worried that Israel’s secular government may turn away from the traditional “Christian” values that make up Israel’s identity.

In the past, the government has frequently referred to Israel as a “Christian nation” and has said that its “Christian identity” is rooted in Christianity and its “religious identity” in Judaism.

Israel, however, has recently begun to see an increase in anti-Semitic

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