‘If I die, will I be reincarnated?’: I hope my son can forgive me

My son was baptized as a Muslim, and I felt he was entitled to this honour.

I was a proud Hindu, too.

I felt it was a good thing that I was the son of a Muslim.

But my daughter told me she would never forgive me for that.

She said she would not be happy if she saw my son die.

Her words made me feel very hurt.

I thought, what a terrible shame for the Muslims.

But she said she loved me unconditionally.

So, after our daughter’s death, I asked her, if I should go ahead with my plans to marry her.

She told me I had to choose between our families.

I chose to marry my son.

So why are they doing this to me?

I think they want to make me forget my religion.

It’s like I have forgotten my religion.

“It is a difficult situation for many in the Muslim community.

In India, Islam is one of the main religions.

But many Muslims have lost their faith because of intolerance, discrimination and religious fundamentalism.

They are often blamed for the attacks against the Hindu community in Mumbai.

Muslims in the western state of Maharashtra are also struggling with a growing number of suicides, often in the name of Islam.

The state’s Prime Minister has called for a nationwide campaign to eradicate religious extremism.”

In the past, I’ve heard that Hindus who were born Muslim were discriminated against and treated poorly.

Now they are being treated with equal dignity.

I’m sure we will be treated equally in the future,” said Ashraf, a 32-year-old lawyer from Chhattisgarh.

Ashraf is one the more than 200 people who have committed suicide in the past 12 months in Maharashtra, according to the state government.

He has also become the third suicide victim in the state this year, after three people killed themselves in the southern state of Goa.”

My parents are Hindus and I have no idea why they are going through such difficulties,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.”

It is like they are saying that they are a little bit mad.

It is not an easy thing to accept.

I think the Hindus in India should take some responsibility.

“Maharashtra has seen a spike in violence against the Hindus.

In 2015, nearly 5,000 Hindu men were killed in Assam, a state that was home to some of India’s largest Muslim populations.

The violence has continued to this day.

Since then, the Hindu and Muslim communities have been at odds over a range of issues.

Hindu activists, including politicians, have criticised the government’s anti-extremism laws.

Muslims say India needs to create a law that would allow them to practise their religion openly, without fear of persecution.

India is a Muslim-majority country, but many of its Muslims are Hindus, as are many of the other major religions.

The situation is similar in the US state of New York.

Some of the most senior elected officials in New York City are Muslims.

A New York judge last month struck down a state law that prohibits discrimination based on religion in state government hiring.

But the court also found that the law was unconstitutional and should be struck down by the state supreme court.

In India, a law to give religious freedom to Muslim and Christian minorities is also being considered.

However, many Hindus say that this law is just a political ploy to create animosity towards Muslims.

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