How to spot a Muslim cleric’s religious beliefs

RTE 1.

The most important part of the Koran.


What is the verse that tells us that Allah wants to save us?


What are the five major pillars of Islam?


How does the Koran deal with the human body?


Why is there such a high number of Muslims in Britain?

The answers are in this quiz.

 “The Quran is not the Bible, or the Bible is not in any way the Quran,” said Richard Dolan, a professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University.

Allah will surely destroy you.’ “

‘Then the people will fight you.

It’s not something that would be written down on a piece of paper and go on the Koran.””

So there is a lot of information in there, but it’s very, very subtle.

It’s not something that would be written down on a piece of paper and go on the Koran.”

Dolan is a critic of the way the Koran has been used by Western countries.

He has been a strong critic of Muslim groups and the government for what he says is the misuse of the holy book.

In his book “God’s Book of Muslims”, Dolan argued that the Koran was being used to recruit new Muslims to Islam, and to support Islamic extremism.

The book argues that “Islam is a false religion which is actually an ideological one”.

Dolan believes that the Quranic teachings should not be used to incite people to take part in violence or terrorism.

“If you are a Muslim and you are an advocate of violence against people who are different from you, then you will be prosecuted for murder,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Education said: “It is our policy that teachers, teachers’ assistants, principals, and staff should never encourage, or condone the taking of life or any other act of violence in any school.”

Schools are not places where children are encouraged to take life.

“She added that “any guidance given by a school to a pupil should be regarded with the utmost caution”.

Last year, there were more than 100 reported hate crimes in England and Wales against Muslims, according to the Department of Communities and Local Government.

One of the most shocking attacks on a Muslim in Britain happened in April last year when two women were attacked on a train in Bournemouth, and died.

An investigation by the Sun newspaper revealed that one of the victims, who was wearing a hijab, was “left for dead in a car”.

The Muslim woman’s mother was jailed for life for murdering her daughter.

Islam is about peace, says Dr Farooqu. “

What we are trying to do is show that Islam is not a religion where there are wars or bloodshed, that is not what it is about,” said Rizwan Farooq, a senior lecturer at the Institute for Policy Studies in Birmingham.

Islam is about peace, says Dr Farooqu.

“The Quran says that people should fight for God’s cause and that is what Islam is all about.”

Rizwan says that the UK has “very little tolerance” of Islam.

Muslims in Britain are often vilified by those who disagree with their views.

I was at a mosque when I was a student in my early 20s and I was shocked at how the mosque was treated by people who didn’t like me.

This is a very diverse country, it is very diverse.

You are not a Muslim just because you are black or you are British.

I have a Muslim mum and I have one Chinese dad.

I think it is a great shame that we are still being demonised and attacked by people,” he added.

There are more than 6.5 million Muslims in the UK.

It is estimated that there are more Muslims in England than the population of the UK, more than any other religious group in the country.

And the numbers of Muslims are rising rapidly.

According to the latest census, there are now more than 12.7 million Muslims living in the United Kingdom.

Most Muslims are not Muslims themselves, but they do practice a religion called Sufism, which focuses on the relationship between God and the universe.

Some are also practising Hinduism.

But the biggest group of Muslims is also the most diverse, according the British Muslim Council.

Its figures show that there were 6.9 million Muslims of all religions living in England in 2014.

By 2050, there is expected to be 7.2 million Muslims.

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