How to get the most out of your NFL tickets

By Andrew Abramowitz/Associated PressWhen the Oakland Raiders moved from Los Angeles to Oakland in the 1980s, they needed a new stadium.

A new stadium that would be built in the middle of a desert.

A stadium that could house a large number of fans who would have a chance to watch a game.

So they looked to the NFL.

The Raiders had a new team and they had new facilities.

And it wasn’t going to be the same old Oakland Raiders.

This would be the Raiders’ first stadium and they needed to make it work.

As the Raiders prepared to move into their new digs, the NFL had a few questions.

What would the new stadium look like?

What would its seating capacity be?

Would it be big enough for the Raiders?

The answer to those questions were: it was going to look different.

It would be like no other stadium in the country, with a brand new stadium, new stadiums, and a brand-new field.

In this week’s edition of The MMQB Podcast, we go deep into the NFL’s vision for a new Oakland Raiders stadium.

We also talk to Raiders owner Mark Davis about the team’s move from L.A., the future of the team and what it’s like to play in a new facility.

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