How to get an agnostic church in North Korea

Religion is a hot topic in North Korean society, with the country’s communist rulers keen to ensure people are not losing faith in a new era of religious pluralism.

This has prompted a number of attempts to build religious spaces, including an agnostics church that opened last year in the capital, Pyongyang.

A local church, though, has long been blocked by the North’s Communist Party.

Now, an atheist church has opened in the North Korean capital.

The building, built in an area called Chusan, has a congregation of just six, and the building’s architect says it’s aimed to be a spiritual center for the country.

But in the days leading up to its opening, the building has been under fire.

A video posted to the church’s Facebook page on Saturday shows a man wearing a black beard and wearing a white robe, with a loudspeaker blaring the message “the gates of hell are closing in on you.”

The church’s pastor, the unnamed man, has spoken out against the church, which he says is not allowed to preach.

He says the church is not the same as an atheist cult and that the building is “an atheist church.”

“We have to maintain peace, not allow anyone to enter and preach,” the pastor says in the video.

“We need to preach only what is good for us, which is our own religion.”

According to the video, the pastor also says that if he ever had to give his own life, it would be for the sake of the church.

He said the building will serve as a “temporary sanctuary” for people, and will serve to “preach our faith and beliefs to the entire world.”

“I believe that this church is a very special thing for us and that we will use it for our own spiritual growth,” the church member said.

“There are some who are against this, but we are Christians.

We are doing our duty to the Almighty and God.”

The video has been shared thousands of times, and many commenters have shared their own videos of the pastor speaking out against his church.

The man in the videos says the purpose of the building, which the church says is built on “a mountain in the middle of the mountains,” is to build “a sanctuary for the spirits of believers, to protect them from the evil world.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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