How to be a godless atheist

This is a post from Tulsi Gabbard, the congresswoman who represents California’s 14th Congressional District, a district in the state’s Central Valley that includes some of the most impoverished and under-served communities in the country.

It’s a post that is about the importance of religious liberty and how it is critical to maintaining our nation’s economic and social strength.

I’ve chosen to use the term “religionless atheist” in the article, because there is nothing inherently wrong with having a personal or philosophical approach to life that includes atheism.

That’s what atheism is about.

And the fact that the majority of Americans now accept atheism as a reasonable position in American society is something that is not lost on Gabbards supporters.

The congressman’s message is that we can live in a world where we are both free to practice our beliefs and not need to hide from the world.

We can still be ourselves and we can still love the God we believe in.

So I hope that by using the term religionless atheist, people will realize that we are not trying to hide, that we’re just trying to live life the way we want to.

And it’s important that we keep that promise.

For Gabbars supporters, the word “religiously” is often used in a way that implies that people don’t believe in a supernatural being or belief system.

It implies that those who hold such views aren’t genuine Christians.

Gabbarts supporters also point out that religion is not necessarily the only thing that people should believe in; there are other beliefs as well.

That is the reality, and people can still practice those beliefs, they just need to be mindful of what they’re doing.

Gaborat writes, “Religiously, we all have a responsibility to keep a firm belief in the reality of God, which is what drives us to the Bible and to the faith that underpins so much of our American identity.

As Americans, we should strive to build on and extend that God-belief foundation.

And when we do so, the rest of us will benefit from the fruits of our collective efforts.”

I find this view of religion, and the idea that we need to maintain our religious beliefs, to be extremely troubling.

In a country where there is so much tension between Christianity and atheism, it’s easy to imagine people of all different faiths finding themselves at odds.

But it’s also easy to see the appeal of using the phrase “religious atheist” when it comes to people who hold other beliefs.

In the same way that people are free to be themselves and love the Gods they believe in, people can choose to be religious.

They can choose not to.

It is a choice that we all can make, and it’s something that will ultimately benefit us all.

I’m grateful for Tulsia Gabbas work for our country, which has led to a more equal and diverse society.

But her call for a more religious America is a call for more equality.

And as long as she continues to fight for this issue, I will continue to support her. 

For more information about the topic of religion and its importance, check out the New Scientist article: “How to be an atheist atheist” (and a post about the significance of religion in America).

This is part of a series.

To read the rest, go here.

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