How the Bible became a religious text: The bible, the Jews and the Muslims

Posted October 05, 2018 04:17:11 The oldest religion on earth is Judaism, and it’s in many ways, an oddball.

As the most populous religion in the world, its origins are a mystery, as is its place in the larger world of religions.

But what we do know is that Judaism has been in the headlines for a lot of time, and the story of how its history is being rewritten, rediscovered and reinterpreted by new voices is a fascinating tale of faith and evolution.

A look back at some of the best and most well-known stories of Jewish history.


The Jews and Christianity: The Birth of Judaism, c. 700 CE The birth of the religion has a history as long as the Bible itself.

This story starts in the year 637 BCE, when a Jewish group called the Talmudists established a monastic school in what is now the northern city of Jerusalem.

Over time, the Talmuds spread throughout the country, eventually reaching the region of the present-day Palestinian territories.

They were followed by the Sephardim, the Ashkenazim, Mizrahim and Sephardic Jews.

The first Jewish leader in Mesopotamia, Moses, lived from c. 542 BCE until c. 607 CE.

But as the religion developed, so did the Jewish identity in the region.

In the 6th century BCE, the city of Ashdod (modern Ashkelon) was founded as the Jewish capital.

The community continued to expand, becoming the largest and most powerful in the entire Middle East, and its founder, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, was considered one of the greatest Torah scholars of all time.

Heschel established a series of religious institutions, including a large synagogue and the first synagogue in the nation of Israel, which is still standing today.

In this picture, Rabbi Heschel and Rabbi Isaac Soloveitchik in a synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel, in 676 BCE.

Rabbi Heschell died in 678 BCE.


The Birth and Growth of the Jewish People, c, 200 BCE Jews were a persecuted minority under the Roman Empire in the late 1st century CE, which led to persecution of the Jews across the Roman empire.

In response, the church converted to Christianity.

The church was led by the pope, who was known for his harsh and aggressive persecution of anyone he deemed a threat to Christianity’s hegemony.

Pope Gregory IX established the first synagogues and the Synagogue of Rome was founded in AD 70.

As Christianity grew, so too did the demand for Jewish worship.

By AD 200, there were thousands of synagogies in Europe, including in Germany, Italy and Spain.

By the early 21st century, Jews numbered in the millions.

They also began the process of converting from Christianity to Judaism.

In 2018, Rabbi David Schneerson, one of Europe’s leading scholars of Jewish life, published the book, The Jewish People: The Historical Origins of Modern Jewry, which has been translated into over 20 languages.


The Creation of the Hebrew Bible, c 900 CE The Torah was a collection of laws written by the prophet Jeremiah.

It became a holy book for Jews, but it also gave the rabbis power to define their own religious traditions.

In Judaism, the Torah is divided into five books of law, known as the Talach (lit.

Book of the Law), the Gemara (lit: Book of Prophecy) and the Kiddushin (lit.: Book of Wisdom).

The Talach was first written in the 7th century CE.

This text was later compiled into a book known as Tractate Melechim, which was written by Rabbi Moses Maimonides.

This book contains the Jewish beliefs about life, love, death, salvation and resurrection.


The First Christian Martyrs, c 1215 CE The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was established in Jerusalem in 1215, after Pope Leo XIII had proclaimed the Church to be the world’s first Christian church.

As time went on, Christians came to see themselves as part of the community, and so the Church established a number of centers in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Holy Land.

In 1216, Pope Urban VIII granted permission to the pope’s successor, John XXIII, to erect a new, smaller building in Jerusalem.

It was named the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Pope Urban also decreed that a new Jewish temple be built in Jerusalem to honor the memory of Jesus, and in 1219, Pope Paul VI founded the Church of Jerusalem, where the first Holy Trinity was born.


The Rise of Christianity, c 1630 CE Christians began arriving in Jerusalem from all over Europe, from Spain to Portugal, from China to France.

At the time, Christianity was the dominant religion in Europe.

Many of the churches built in Europe were built by converts from

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