How Mike Pence is making history as US religious leader – The Sunday Times

By Michael K. WilliamsMaine Governor and vice-president Mike Pence will be the first Christian leader in US history to serve as the president of both a United States state and a country that is predominantly Christian.

But while Mr Pence is the first evangelical Christian leader to be elected to the White House, other leaders of Christian faith have made significant gains in recent years.

The Reverend Billy Graham has been elected to eight consecutive terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And in 2012, evangelical leader and US Senator Rick Santorum beat out Mr Trump in the Republican primary for the presidential nomination.

As the second highest-profile American Christian, Mr Pence will also be the third-highest-profile Christian to hold a prominent political position in the US.

Born in Indiana in 1953, Mr Trump’s father was a minister and his mother was a nurse.

He was the youngest of six children in a working-class family in New York City.

His political rise was propelled by his father’s religious fervour.

“I was very religious, my dad was a preacher and I remember sitting in his office and he was preaching,” Mr Trump told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

He said his father was “very devout” in the early days of the Republican Party and that he felt that it had “given me something to do”.

“And I guess my father said that, ‘Don’t just be the man who sits in the corner with his Bible and his Bible, just give people something to believe in,'” Mr Trump said.

Religious conversion has been a major issue in the presidential race, with both candidates claiming to be Christians.

While Mr Trump is not a member of any denomination, Mr Cruz has claimed to be a “Christian” and “born again” Baptist, while Mr Trump has been accused of being a “radical atheist”.

But his support has not been limited to evangelical Christians.

He is also an opponent of same-sex marriage, and recently took a jab at the pope, calling him a “pedophile”.

And Mr Trump was also a vocal critic of Mr Pence, saying the Indiana governor’s record as governor of the state was “not good” and that “he doesn’t have a lot of respect for the Bible”.

“I have a big problem with Indiana Governor Pence, and I have a problem with the people of Indiana, for the governor to come to this nation and speak on this matter and not be in favor of the people,” Mr Pence said.

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