How I got into Buddhism

By Terence A. Collins, Editor Terence Collins has spent the last 25 years studying Buddhism, its adherents, its teachings, and its history.

He has done so with a deep commitment to scholarship and to the truth of the religion, and his books are a testament to that.

The last two years have been a journey to find out how I got to the place I am today.

In my mind, Buddhism is a way of life.

I grew up in rural South Africa and my family, as well as my family and friends, were religious.

I went to school with Buddhists and had a good time, but in the process of my studies, I came to believe that I had no real religious identity.

In 2004, I read an article in a book on Buddhism by a man who called himself Terence.

He said he was the son of a Buddhist and had come to the conclusion that Buddhism was a way for people to connect to the divine.

That was the beginning of a journey that led me from a Buddhist upbringing to a deep engagement with Buddhism.

At the beginning, I felt I was alone in my spiritual journey.

I was isolated.

My parents didn’t believe that there was a God, or even that I was even human.

I didn’t feel like I belonged in the world.

But by studying Buddhism and my interactions with Buddhologists over the years, I began to see Buddhism as an avenue that connected people in a way that I hadn’t seen before.

When I moved to India, I found myself connecting to a Buddhist who was living in India and who had a lot of knowledge about Buddhism and Buddhism’s place in the wider world.

This person taught me the history of Buddhism and gave me a grounding that I could use to think about how the world was and should be.

I was at that point in my life that I started thinking about Buddhism more deeply.

I began realizing that the Buddha is a spiritual teacher and that his teachings were grounded in Buddhism.

This made me realize that the teachings of the Buddha and of the Buddhist faith are rooted in the past, which is the reason that I believe that Buddhism is an important part of our humanity.

At that point, I started to believe in the Buddha as a spiritual being, and I also realized that Buddhism has a great connection with me.

I felt that it’s a religion that has taught me to think critically about the world around me, and that I can use that knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

I felt that there is an extraordinary connection between the Buddha’s teachings and my own life.

At the same time, I realized that I am not alone in this journey and that there are many people like me who are trying to find their own spiritual home.

I decided that it would be my mission to help them achieve their spiritual home and I wanted to share that journey with them.

In doing so, I would also be able to share my knowledge about the Buddha with others, to show them how to be more like the Buddha.

I decided that, while I was still at university, I needed to start a journal and a website to share and disseminate my insights.

I created the Buddhist Insight website in 2013, and since then, I have published more than 100 books on the Buddha, Buddhism, and related topics.

I have always loved to travel and I feel like my journey has been one of discovery and exploration.

My wife and I traveled to Thailand in 2008 for the first time.

We went to the northern provinces and I became a Buddhist monk.

I also became a spiritual healer in the same year.

When we were in India, we met the Dalai Lama.

He had been to Thailand and Sri Lanka.

I had been in Sri Lanka for a few years and was very familiar with Buddhism, but I was also really interested in Buddhism because it is a religion of peace.

The Dalai Lama was a wonderful person and very caring.

He also taught us about how to respect others, and how to love the world, and he was really good at teaching.

I am now an ordained Buddhist monk, and we live in India.

We visited India for a number of years and I was impressed by the culture, and also by the people.

We were so impressed by how the Buddhist traditions lived in India at that time, how they were not only tolerant of people who are different from themselves, but they also gave them an outlet to express themselves.

We came across so many stories of the way they lived their lives and they were so committed to the way of their religion.

It was a very interesting time to be in India because it was the first place where I met a lot people who I was fascinated by.

I have also visited the United States, Australia, and Europe.

I found a lot about Buddhism from reading about Buddhism in the books that I read and from watching videos of people meditating in the temples.

The most important thing that I found in the Buddhist teachings was

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