‘God is in control’: Muslims embrace ‘Allah’ as a religious concept

Muslims embrace the term “Allah” as a religion in their faith, which comes from a book of the Qur’an.

The Quran says that “Allah is our Supreme Lord” and “Allah alone is the All-Glorious.”

The Arabic word “Allah,” translated as “Lord,” is used to refer to the deity in Arabic and Hebrew, the Muslim faith, and in other languages.

Muslim believers say they believe that Allah is the one who guides and guides them, while non-believers call him “The One Who Knows.”

Some Muslims believe the Bible and the Qurans were inspired by Allah.

The Islamic holy book says, “The only god is Allah.”

The Muslim faith has been in decline in the United States, but there is growing support in the West.

Muslim leaders in the U.S. and Britain have expressed concern about a resurgence of radicalization among Muslim youth.

They have been calling for more education and outreach to Muslim communities.

In Britain, the government recently established a commission to look into the problem.

In the U, President Donald Trump has vowed to crack down on Muslims who commit terrorism.

He has called for an investigation into radicalization and called on Muslims to join a coalition to defeat ISIS.

He also called for more immigration and better integration into American society.

“The president is right,” said Mohammad Shahbaz Qadri, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“We’re seeing the first signs of a new kind of extremism in the Muslim community.

The Muslim community is not just coming together but is also going to take a backseat.

The first thing the president should do is start educating the Muslim population about what the Bible really says about Islam.”

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