Elizabeth Warren to speak to Pope Francis in Thailand

NEW YORK — The head of the United States’ largest Catholic charity has announced she will visit the Vatican next week to address a group of young women who are seeking the legalization of same-sex marriage in Thailand.

“I’m very excited to be able to share with the Pope the impact that I and so many other religious leaders have made in advocating for same-gender marriage in the United Kingdom,” Sister Elizabeth Warren, director of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ global network for faith-based development, said in a statement.

The visit comes as many U.K. Catholics are preparing for a general election scheduled for next year.

The decision by the pontiff comes at a time when many Catholics have been calling for the legalization and regulation of same sex marriage in some U.B.C. states, and in some of the Vatican’s more conservative nations.

“When I was in England, I was invited to speak at the funeral of the late Archbishop of Canterbury.

The people were so moved by the message I was trying to give, the dignity and humanity of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, that they made a choice to celebrate the life of Christ in the place of the funeral, in the church,” Warren said.

In her statement, Warren said the visit will include a speech and a meeting with senior church officials.

The U.N. human rights chief is to deliver the opening address.

The United Kingdom has been among the most liberal in Europe on same-age marriage, and its Catholic Church is strongly opposed to same-bed weddings.

The U.C.-Santa Fe Institute, a conservative think tank that is critical of the legalization movement, said Thursday that a senior official at the Vatican was scheduled to speak in front of them at the end of May, the same month the Pope’s office is due to announce the Pope Francis would visit the U,B.,A., and C of Catholic countries.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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