Chris Pratt, who played a spaghetti monster, has a message for those with religious beliefs

A man with a religious upbringing has made a YouTube video in which he says he would like to “save” the world by putting spaghetti on the end of a sword.

“My dad always taught me to put the spaghetti on my sword, because it’s always been my religion,” actor Chris Pratt told the BBC’s Good Morning Britain programme.

“If you can take that spaghetti away, if you can bring back the spaghetti world, then you can save the world.”

The last thing I want to do is save anyone else’s life.

“Pratt’s father, Chris, is a Roman Catholic.”

He would tell me, ‘If you don’t want to go to heaven, don’t go to hell,'” he said.”

And so I think he really believed that if you’re going to do something for a purpose, it would be good for you to do it for the greater good.

“In a video for the group The Family Foundation, Pratt said he believed in the power of family to bring about change.”

We are all brothers and sisters in this world,” he said in the video.”

I’m not a fan of this system of family.

I’m a fan.

I want a more diverse, diverse world.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s not going to be like this.

“Pratts brother, Bryce, is also a Roman Christian.”

It’s an opportunity to show the world that our brothers and our sisters have power to do good, and that we can all do it together,” he told the programme.

He said the Family Foundation was also a way to promote the Catholic Church.”

When we first started this foundation, the first thing we wanted to do was give a message of love to the Catholic faith and the message that we have as Catholics, which is that we love our neighbor as ourselves,” Bryce said.

The video also features clips from family and friends, including his two daughters.

Pratt, who has also appeared in films including The Great Gatsby and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, said he wanted to spread the message of compassion and understanding.”

So many people in this life, when they see something that is really bad, they look to the heavens and they say, ‘What did he do?'” he said of his eldest daughter.”

But then we’ve also got to ask ourselves, ‘Why didn’t he do something to help?’

And the answers to that are a lot more complex.

“The Family Foundation is an online community of people who share their faith and values with one another.

The organisation also has a “faith, peace and healing” page on its website, which features stories from people who have been affected by religion-related violence.

In a Facebook post, the charity said the campaign was designed to help promote the “spiritual wellbeing” of those who “have lost a loved one to religious extremism”.”

This is our way of giving a sense of hope and a sense that we are not alone, and we can come together as a community to fight this scourge,” it said.

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