Atheists say ‘god is dead’

A group of atheist atheists in Sydney have called for the “end of God”.

The group said the phrase “god is gone” was “offensive” and “insulting”.

“We are atheists and we don’t believe in God, but we believe in a life that’s more meaningful and meaningful is to love,” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

“Love is love and love is a good thing.

God is dead.”

The statement was posted on Thursday by the Atheists Coalition.

The Atheists are a small group of atheists in Australia.

It said the group would now be asking the Sydney Archbishop of Canterbury, Father David McKeown, to address the group’s demands for “the end of God” and the removal of the “God clause” from the Australian constitution.

Archbishop McKeunys office said the request for an official response was premature.

‘God is dead’: group demands apology to Sydney Archbishop The Archbishop’s office said it would “not be able to respond” to the group unless the group received formal apologies from the groups leaders.

Earlier on Thursday, the group held a rally in Sydney and called on the state government to “come to terms with the fact that the Australian government is now the supreme court of Australia”.

Its statement on its website said it believed the Australian Government had “gone rogue”.

It called for “a new and more inclusive government in Canberra” to “recognise the rights of Australians as a matter of principle, not as a form of self-government”.

“This would be the first step towards a more equal and just society,” the statement said.

Atheists in Australia have said they feel the phrase was “inappropriate” and had “offensive and hurtful consequences” for those who believed in God.


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