Albanian Muslims react to attack in Macedonia

Albanian Muslim leaders have expressed outrage at the deadly attacks on three Muslim centres in Macedonia.

The attack was in response to an attack on a mosque in the Albanian capital, Tirana, in June, in which three worshippers were killed and three others wounded.

The Islamic Centre of Tirana is located near the Alban-Muslim border, close to the border with Serbia.

A member of the local Muslim community, who wished to remain anonymous, told news agency AFP that the attack took place in the centre’s courtyard and killed the four Muslims who had been gathering for Friday prayers.

“There were three Muslims, who were members of a local Islamic organisation, when they were attacked by five masked attackers.

The mosque’s owner, Mohamed Elad, told reporters that the mosque’s congregation was praying when the attack occurred,” he said.

The attackers wore masks and a vest, which had been stolen from a nearby church, and they had been firing on the crowd.

“They attacked a group of people who were gathered in the courtyard,” Mr Elad said.

“We did not hear any gunshots but we believe the attackers opened fire when they realised the Muslim community was gathering in the church.”

The attack comes amid the country’s ongoing war against the Taliban, which has left tens of thousands dead in the past year.

On Tuesday, President Gjorge Ivanovski issued a statement saying the Albanians “are shocked and shocked” by the attack.

“I can’t believe that in Albania, which is one of the most important countries in Europe, a group that is a part of our national identity and is our greatest ally, could be targeted by this kind of violence,” Mr Ivanovsk said.

“We are shocked.

We are shocked by the attacks, we are shocked at the attack on this mosque and we are also shocked that this kind and despicable crime is taking place.”

Mr Ivanovs statement came just hours after a group linked to al-Qaeda and Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was in retaliation for Albanian airstrikes against militants in neighbouring Afghanistan.

The statement carried by al-Nabawiya al-Masri, an affiliate of Islamic State in the Middle East, said the attack was carried out by a member of an al-Nusra Front brigade.

Albania’s government has denied responsibility for either the attack or any other violent acts.

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